it support modena

Our company is engaged in the design, maintenance, and upgrading of computer systems, with a strong emphasis on cloud, collaboration, and smart working solutions. We offer installation and maintenance services for complex computer systems and networks, covering both hardware and software aspects.
Our clients can rely on certified IT technicians proficient in Windows, VMware, and Linux, as well as experts in both traditional and VoIP telephony.

We provide several types of intervention contracts, and here are the main ones:

  • Break-Fix (On-Demand Support): Upon the client's request, we dispatch a technician to handle emergencies, either through remote assistance or on-site.
  • Hourly Support Package: In exchange for prepayment of a certain number of hours, we offer a discount on the hourly rate applied.
  • MSP (Managed Service Provider): We manage the IT and telephony infrastructure to ensure continuous operation and take proactive measures to address all potential issues that may arise.

We handle the entire and complex IT infrastructure, recognizing that your business needs to anticipate problems rather than merely resolving them.
We are the answer to your IT support and technical assistance needs, both on-site and remotely.

Don't let IT issues slow down your business. Our goal is to ensure the operational continuity of your work, minimizing downtime, and maximizing the efficiency of your IT systems.