backup microsoft 365 modena

Most cyberattacks aim to destroy or steal data from businesses and public administrations. Making reliable backups of your data is the best way to protect your business from unfortunate events.
Our backup solutions include:

  • Microsoft 365 Backup
    We perform cloud-to-cloud backups of all Microsoft 365 data. This includes not only documents stored on OneDrive but also users' emails, calendars, and contacts. Copies are stored on separate servers within european territory, with unlimited space and retention time.
  • Automated cloud backups
    Our customized solutions enable automated backups to secure servers located within the European Community. These backups are immutable and immune to hacker attacks or viruses. They remain available even in the event of severe damage or theft of the IT system.
  • Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    We provide continuous real-time backups of PCs and servers in the cloud. A complete backup (image) of the machine to be protected is directly executed in the cloud. In critical situations, such as server failure, you can restore the machine's functionality in the cloud as if it were on your company network, ensuring work continuity.
  • Automated local backups
    Local backups are used when cloud backups are not possible due to slow internet connectivity that cannot support data transfers. Remote backup of data is typically possible on a weekly basis.
  • Email backup
    Emails represent the history of all dealings with suppliers and customers, making them as important as company documents. Email backups keep copies of your emails safe, even in the event of cyberattacks or user negligence.
  • Google Workspace Backup
    We perform cloud-to-cloud backups of all Google Workspace data, including not only documents stored on Google Drive but also users' emails, calendars, and contacts.

The security of your company's data is of paramount importance, and we are here to help protect sensitive information and ensure your operational continuity.