google workspace modena

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is a cloud productivity suite developed by Google, offering collaboration, communication, and task management tools for businesses. It includes Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Google Drive allows users to store documents on their computers and automatically synchronize them with colleagues and Google's servers. Google Calendar enables calendar sharing and scheduling appointments. In its professional version, Google Meet allows for group video conferencing and recording.

Gmail, which is customizable, provides secure mailboxes with the familiar web interface.

Our automated Google Workspace backup service allows for cloud-to-cloud backup. The backup includes all data, not only documents stored on Google Drive, but also emails, calendars, and user contacts.

Google Workspace is provided for free to non-profit organizations, schools, and universities.

This solution offers the security and reliability of Google's data centers at a low cost or even for free.